A downloadable Vastator for Windows

In this game, you just click zombies to kill them. Nothing hard...

But wait! Every one you kill, two new come! And there are like four types of them! So quick! Go and save this little village!!! Some zombies have just one health, some have two, some have houndred... Man, this is a lot of killin'. Don't forget to repair the village. You can do that using [space] and just a couple of coins. Or, you can slow legs of the zombies with [shift] so you can better click them. But there is a catch. They deal the same amount of damage. They will move slowly, but attack as fast as they can!

We plan Linux and Android release, so prepare!

Pavel Marceluch - Programming, 3D design
Matěj Vrba - Programming, audio
Michal Vojáček - Consultant
Ajn Kecav - Android port

There are going to be several files:
Win64 + 32 Original
Win64 + 32 Updated
Linux64 + 32 Original
Linux64 + 32 Updated


Win64 - Original 13 MB
Win32 - Original 12 MB
Win32 - Updated 12 MB

Development log

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